Trusts to protect your property & family

How to go beyond the basic Will to ensure the financial security of your loved ones…....


When it comes to financial security, almost everyone has heard of a will, and many already have one established. However, the will is just a starting point for individuals serious about protecting their property and family. Life changing concerns and assets go well beyond the will. This is where trusts come into play, lending protection to your estate in ways wills simply cannot. Trusts are often mentioned in connection with large, wealthy estates, but they are actually suitable for a good deal more, if not everyone.

Ultimately though, all people are looking for are ways to guarantee their property and financial holdings will be passed down to their designated heirs after death. If wills are basic no thrills casualty insurance, then trusts are the gold star way to providing stability to family and friends after death.

Trusts work great for individuals, spouses, or families with children. With a will, any disputes will often end up in probate court, with potential high value solicitor fees draining everyone's inheritance in a protracted war, something we all wish to avoid, especially at a time for bereavement.

Luckily, trusts can form a barrier to all of these problems.

As you may imagine, there are many different types of trust as well and itself can be completed, so it’s always best to gain expert advice when considering wills and trusts.

As a starting point however, any type of trust should include the sort of things you would place in a will. Property, life Insurance, savings, stocks, and valuables over £1000 are excellent ways to put this arrangement to work.

Specific items like your home or investment account are a must to include, as these are the most contentious issues after a person's death. With extreme flexibility, all trust assets can be designated to single beneficiaries, or divided up among several recipients, such as a spouse, children, and siblings.

Overall, trusts are a fantastic strategy to avoid high taxes and the insecurities that may occur after the death of a loved one.


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