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We have extensive experience with self employed and small business owners who often have more complex financial requirements. This might start from you asking where you can source funds to grow your business and expand into longer term protection planning needs with the tax mitigation options that these offer.

  Please do contact us for an individual review and support from one of our fully qualified advisers.


 Commercial Lending 

 You can borrow money against a range of your company's assets, including property, inventory or equipment. The amount you can borrow will depend on the value of the asset, but this can be an effective way of raising cash for working capital or investment .Business funding for equipment or property is available through a range of leasing deals and commercial mortgages - if you're looking to buy or remortgage business premises, we can provide advice and take you through the options available to you as well as dealing direct with the lender on your behalf.

 Business Protection Policies 

We will ensure your policies are set up correctly with the relevant Trusts where necessary and can walk you through Trust set ups and how they work and some tips gained over the years. We are happy to liaise with your accountant or solicitors to ensure they understand the policy and its set up and to also ensure it lines up with any company contracts such as “Cross shareholder agreements”.

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